Teething! Ugh!

2017-02-13 teething beanie 2 2017-02-13 teething beanie 1

We have been lucky til now that Maia didn’t seem bothered by teething.  She would drool a bunch but would otherwise be her normal happy self.  Well, her canines are breaking through this week, and they are making her a whiny, cranky mess!  Poor Maia, and poor mommy and daddy!

2017-02-12 zoo 1

Here are the words that Maiabeanie can say:

caa (car), bubble, dadadadaaa (daddy), moo, hoo (hoot), buuu (buzz), cak-ca (quack-quack), , wha-wha (usually dog but sometimes another animal), mam-ma (food or milk), co-coooo (cockadoodledoo)

Calacademy fun and Beanie getting smarter

We met up with a friend at California Academy of Sciences yesterday, and Maia loved it!  She babbled and shrieked in delight at the aquarium.  Thanks, Debra and Ander!2017-01-26 calacademy 1 LR 2017-01-26 calacademy 3 LR 2017-01-26 calacademy 4 LR

In the last 2-3 weeks, Beanie has been leveling up cognitively at a faster pace!  A few days ago, she was playing a game on my phone that featured a character blowing bubbles.  Tom and I said, “bubbles!” and to our surprise, she replied, “bubbo!”  Tom and I gave each other a what-the-hell!? look, since that was the first time ever she has imitated a word, a two-syllable one at that… and one we weren’t even trying deliberately to get her to say.

Also a few days ago I asked her what sound the duck makes.  She thought about it for a minute, and said, “co-co!”  I asked her what sound the bee makes, and she replied, “buuuuu.”  Gah, so cute!  I hadn’t ever asked her before, so that was cool.

Today I tried to get her to say “mommy,” but she proceeded to say, “ma-ma,” and then “ma-moo,” and then “ma-mo.”  She is probably trolling me.

Yesterday she made her tallest block tower ever, 9 blocks high.  (Then she clapped and knocked it over.)  When we read her book about the apple that goes 쿵! and reached the page with the caterpillar, she pointed to it and then pointed to another of her books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Similarly, today she was flipping through Tom’s wildlife photography magazine (which she loves) and got to a picture of a bear.  She pointed to it and then to her teddy bear and gave it a hug.

Oh, and I learned that she does know herself in photographs and videos.  I was pointing out different people to her in photos, and when I pointed out “Maia,” she pointed to herself.  <3

OK, more randoms

Maia has another new word!  It is “쿵!” which is pronounced “koong!” and pretty much means “thud!”  I couldn’t manage to get a video of her saying it.  She learned it from her book about the apple that falls to the ground and goes 쿵!

2017-01-22 apple book 1 LR 2017-01-22 apple book 2 LR


2017-01-20 dad nap 2 LR

My mom is in Korea for a few weeks, so 할아버지 and 이모 (my dad and Grace) watched her for a bit on Tuesday while I worked.  I was so impressed my dad got her to nap!  Sometimes she won’t even nap for me!

2017-01-13 laundry

Maia enjoys playing in the laundry basket.


Maia’s actual second word

Now that we think about it, Maia’s actual second word was probably “wha-wha” (or maybe “wo-wo”?).  It’s a sound that she has made for a few months for indicating animals, but it isn’t super specific.  Now she mainly uses it for pointing out dogs and bears.  I recently realized, thanks to the Baby Beluga book that that she got for Christmas, that she will use it for seals, as well.