Noodles and naps

Maiabean, like a good Korean, likes noodles and rice.

2019-06-01 18.32.05

Beanie has skipped her nap twice in the last week.  And so it appears we are on our way to dropping nap.  On the one hand, it would be nice to get back to an earlier bedtime.  She currently goes to bed around 9:30pm.  On the other hand, how am I supposed to get through a whole day with this Energizer bunny without a nap break!?

She likes to stall bedtime by coming up with “questions” to ask.  E.g. “Mama, I have two questions… ummmm… ummmmm…. I will ask the second one first.  The second one is… sometimes I like preschool and sometimes I don’t like preschool.  My first question is… ummmm… I forgot the first question.  I will ask it to you in the morning.”


Since turning her carseat she has become a bit of a backseat driver.  “Mama!  How come you aren’t turning the wheel?”  “Mama, I want to pass that blue car.”  “Mama, what’s that green one (regarding one of my infotainment displays)?”

Random random

Maia banana bean.  She keeps growing.  Today I turned her carseat forward facing.  A year ago this weekend she was potty trained.  She told me the other day that she is almost a grown up now.  😀

2019-05-26 pikachu 2 2019-05-26 car

2019-05-10 cutting 1

Likes: pink, purple, ice cream, fast, high, dangerous, Elsa and Anna

Dislikes: going to bed, baths, spicy food, changing her clothes

Easter 2019

We hit a couple of fun Spring festivals this year.

Maia enjoyed playing games (and, of course, winning prizes).

2019-04-13 albany spring fest 4

Face paint attempt #1 lasts 30 seconds.2019-04-13 albany spring fest 5

Yay, eggs!
2019-04-13 albany spring fest 2

Face paint attempt #2 is more successful.2019-04-20 berkeley spring fest 2

More eggs.

2019-04-20 spring festival egg hunt 2

Maia likes bunnies.
2019-04-20 berkeley spring fest 3

As Maia would say, “Mama mess it up” — I bought brown eggs for dyeing.  Still fun, but obviously would’ve gotten better colors with white!

2019-04-21 egg dye 2

Maia goes skiing

Here is a late post about our Tahoe trip from the end of March!

Maia said she wanted to ski (where does she get these ideas?) and we last minute decided, why not?  Let’s go!

First night we went ice skating.  This rink didn’t have seals to hold onto, which meant it was a whole lot harder for the bean, too hard really.2019-03-29 northstar ice skate 1

Nevertheless, we had a fun evening of climbing on snow piles, throwing snow balls, and chowing down on pizza.

2019-03-29 northstar snow play 3 2019-03-29 northstar snow play 1

The next day Maia took a lesson with this very nice instructor at Boreal.  After the lesson, she wanted to go up the lift with mama and dada, but then she threw a huge fit and wouldn’t ski down the hill!  She plopped down, wouldn’t budge, and demanded to be carried!  After much coaxing she skied down holding onto dada’s poles, and, surprise, surprise, requested another lesson for the next day.  We were lucky to get the same instructor, and except for that one tantrum, Maia had a pretty successful intro to skiing.

2019-03-30 first ski lesson 22019-03-30 family ski lift2019-03-30 ski with dada 3

Guess who was stoked to find this puzzle in our AirBnB?

2019-03-30 frozen puzzle 2

Eating chicken tenders with nutella and goofing off with dada after skiing:

2019-03-31 nutella 2 2019-03-31 ski lunch 3

Hopefully I will add a fun video to this post in the next few days!  Video is here!