While I was out

Last weekend I took a mini-trip with Gracie to Point Reyes.

2016-10-15-point-reyes-2-lr 2016-10-15-point-reyes-3-lr

Despite some rain, it was lovely, and we got to hike a bit and lounge around in a cabin and eat some good food.

While I was away, Tom and Maia had some fun together.

As you can see, one of her new skills is climbing onto the sofa!

Much randomness

Two humor pieces I saw recently that made me laugh:

Putting a Baby to Bed in 75 Consistent Steps and Slightly More Realistic Moms Meetup Groups

Here’s a video of Beanbean being beanie, including her babbling and her hugging her favorite stuffed animal, her chipmunk:

I call this photo, “off to campaign” — who knows what will happen in this crazy world of ours, but the idea of a woman president for Maiabean warms my heart.


It’s cute when Maia brings me a book and sits down with me to read:


Some fun pics of Maia from her friend Jaxon’s birthday party:

2016-10-01-jaxon-bday-3 2016-10-01-jaxon-bday-4  2016-10-01-jaxon-bday-5

And, finally, lookit my mosaic mirror I made at a fun one-day class at Stained Glass Garden!



Yosemite trip

Baby actually went to Yosemite last year when she was still in my tummy.  She went back earlier this week for the first time since being born.


Enjoying the lodge bed


Smiling at Yosemite Falls (which is dry at this time of year)



We hiked to Taft Point, which I had never been to before.  What an awesome view!  Tom kept wanting me to stand closer to the edge, but I said no way!  On the way back to the trailhead, Maia got super cranky so I had to take her out of the carrier and let her walk.  So she did a little hiking, which was super cute, and so slow since she had to pick up every rock and stick along the way.



Tom just upgraded his camera and he went on a couple of photo walks.  I especially love this nighttime one, which shows the rock formation called the Three Brothers.   2016-09-20-half-dome

This daytime one with half dome is pretty, too.


Silly Bean in a meadow

1st birthday stuff

2016-09-04-parents-and-maia-1 2016-09-04-parents-and-maia-2

The first birthday is called 돌 (Dol) in Korean.  We didn’t go all out, but we did do a little family celebration the weekend before her birthday, including 돌잡이 (Doljabi), a tradition where an array of objects is placed before the baby and the item she chooses indicates her future.  Maia went for the gavel, which means she is going to become a judge.

2016-09-04-doljabiAt the party with friends we had the following weekend, she ended up choosing the same thing, so it’s pretty much set in stone.  😛