“Rectangled” and Disneyland preview

When something is tangled, Maia says it is “rectangled.”¬† ūüėÄ


We took a quick trip to Disneyland this past weekend.¬† I love Disneyland but it’s definitely different to plan around a toddler.¬† A¬†couple of¬†takeaways:

1- Staying at a nearby walking distance hotel was a great choice.  It made naps that much more convenient.

2- Next time go on a weekday!¬† I’m told that this was a slow Saturday, but it was sooo crowded.


2018-04-21 disney teacup 1

Maia did a good job saying, “Hiii Minnie!” and even giving her a hug, but then she immediately ran away.¬† ūüėÄ
2018-04-21 disney minnie 1

Why are they leaning right?¬† Maia’s hand is up because she had just been sucking her thumb.

2018-04-21 disney mickey 1

Balloons continued

Two days after the balloon popping, I found some Mickey and Minnie Mouse balloons to bring home to Maia, which was great because we are taking her to Disneyland soon.

Only to find that Maiabeanie was afraid to play with them.¬† ūüôĀ¬† Every time I tried to play with them she would tell me to put them back on the chair.¬† So sad!

Then after a couple more days Tom got the idea to attack her with the balloons, and she was totally into that, so all is well again!


Beanbean told me:

“Mommy name is Mama!

Dada name is¬†žēĄŽĻ†!

Baby name is Maia!”

Dentist and balloons

Maia was thoroughly mesmerized by the tablet playing Moana¬†in the dentist’s office.

2018-04-13 dentist 3 2018-04-13 dentist 4 2018-04-13 dentist 7

At the end they gave her some little prizes including a balloon.¬† At home she kept squeezing and sitting on the balloon.¬† I warned her not to, that it would pop, but she would just reply, “Nonono!” and keep¬†at¬†it.

The next day at the playground she got another helium balloon and was playing with it when it popped.¬† Maia was shocked and started crying and wailed, “Where did balloon go?”¬† And thus she learned about balloons and popping.¬† It was weirdly a kind of milestone and loss of innocence.¬† She kept asking over and over about the balloon and we kept explaining.

Later on, in the middle of the night,¬†Tom noticed on the monitor that she wasn’t in the crib (which never happens) and went to check on her.¬† Apparently she was walking around her room and asked him again, “Where did balloon go?”¬† Poor baby.

Random things

Here at steggy.com we are having technical difficulties with getting new photos, so I will just put a couple of random ones in the meantime:

We took an impromptu trip to the LEGO store in San Francisco with the bean.¬† We got her a little Jungle Buggy vehicle.¬† So far she isn’t into it like her LEGO race car, but it’s only been a few days.

2018-04-08 lego store 2

Here is cute bean at Little Farm a few weeks ago.

2018-03-30 little farm 1

2018-03-30 little farm 2

Magic bubbles and happy Easter!

Maia is holding a dry ice bubble!
2018-03-28 dry ice chabot 4

Poof!2018-03-28 dry ice chabot 3

On Saturday we went to the Spring Egg Hunt Extravaganza put on by the city of Berkeley.  It was totally cute.  I heard of some other local egg hunts that were nightmares of viciously competitive parents hoarding eggs and knocking kids over.  Luckily there was none of that here.  There were waaay too many eggs, which was definitely the right thing for the planners to do.

Maia was a bit overwhelmed by the whole affair but she seemed pleased about getting to open her eggs to find tickets and stickers.  We traded in her tickets for a little stuffed bunny that she adores.

2018-03-31 egg hunt 1 2018-03-31 egg hunt 4 2018-03-31 egg hunt 3