More random notes

Not much interesting to report today.

Maia seems to hate car rides.  But she does just fine in the same car seat when it is attached to the stroller.  What gives?!

We tried a bottle for the first time, and she gulped it right down.  Woot!2015-10-07 first bottle feeding

I love it when she goes into milk coma after nursing.  I read that that ends after a few weeks or months, which makes me sad.2015-10-10 milk coma

She looks a lot like Tom now.  She smirks like him and is a loud breather like him (haha!).


Happy 1 month

2015-10-07 1 month

The little bean is 1 month old!








Her stats are 8 lb 12 oz, 21.75 inches.  She is an expert swaddle destroyer.  She has strong arms and legs for punching and kicking me in the tummy.  She does interpretive dance 2015-10-07 nighttime milk comamoves with her hands and arms when in milk coma. She has a preference for turning her head to the left.  The last scab on her belly button finally fell off.




She might be interactive now…  or we might be kidding ourselves.  Is she trying to imitate Tom here?

Some random thoughts

  1. We think Maia looks good in green.2015-09-22 green onesie
  2. I had no idea babies hiccup so much.
  3. Two days ago I was wondering aloud when she would start to meet my gaze, and then yesterday Tom noticed her tracking his gaze and later that day she followed mine as well :)
  4. She started making a few new sounds, including a cute “aoo!” sometimes when she looks like she is about to sneeze but doesn’t.
  5. The Cattee doesn’t know what to make of Maia.  He hasn’t yet made physical contact with her.  Sometimes he goes and peers at her in the bassinet for a bit, and then just walks away.

Let’s see if I can put a video into this blog.

Crazy morning

Yesterday morning was quite the disaster.  Tom was out of the house before sunrise for some photography.  His plan was to take a few hours for photos and be back around 9am.  What could go wrong?

I woke up shortly before 9 to red paw prints all over the kitchen and living room!!!  I was 2015-09-24 bloody paw printspraying that the Cattee had gotten into some cranberry juice or something, but no, it was definitely blood.  I managed to capture the Cattee and find his wound – a cut on his left hind paw – and then I tried to control him while I figured out what to do next.  Tom wasn’t picking up his phone.  Of course, Cattee was whining and wriggling to get away from me the whole time, and getting blood all over my arms!

I decided to wash his paw with soap and water.  He did NOT like this idea and again did his best to escape from my clutches, especially when I tried to dry his foot off on a towel.  Unfortunately, he was bleeding worse now, and I quarantined him in the bathroom.

Finally, around 9:30, Tom came home to find me hysterical.  The cat was whining from the bathroom and the baby had woken up and was crying from the bedroom.  There were still bloody pawprints everywhere.

So off I went to calm and feed Maia, while 2015-09-25 12.08.06Tom checked on the Cattee.  I wish I had a photo, but the bathroom at this point looked like a murder scene, with bloody pawprints and smears all over the floor, toilet, and sink.  We called the vet, who said to bring Cattee in, and he ended up getting stitches and now he has to wear a cone.  :(

                                                            “What is this nonsense?”


Then I cleaned the bathroom and Tom cleaned the kitchen and living room, and I don’t think I even got to pee or eat until noon!  Sigh.

Anyway!  Here are some of the pretty shots of the Golden Gate Bridge that Tom took from Marshall Beach, and then some pics of me and Maia in calmer times.

2015-09-24 ggb sunrise pink  2015-09-24 ggb sunrise dark
2015-09-24 me and the little tyrant  2015-09-23 just being cute

                                                                                “I look cute right now, but I’m still a tyrant!”

I hate baths!

We gave Maia her first sponge bath during her first week home.  She absolutely hated it!  Haha, poor thing.

091515 - crying at sponge bath 091515 - crying at sponge bath 2








Random thoughts:

  1. Wow, no one warned me that my milk coming in (I think it was the 4th night?) would be so freakin uncomfortable!  Luckily, the worst passed by the 3rd day.
  2. When Maia cries, of course we try anything and everything to get her to stop.  But sometimes she makes a “dying goat” sound that makes us laugh.  It just sounds so pathetic.

Maia is 11 days old!

So that very night I started to feel contractions, and the next day, September 7, 2015, Maia Nari Wiegand was born!

090715 - brand new baby090715 tom and maia






I’ve been meaning to update this blog, but it’s been difficult to find the time!  Even though baby sleeps for much of the day, I am living my life in 1 to 3 hour increments due to breastfeeding, and that makes it hard to get things done.  So in the next few days I will try to make posts but they will probably contain scattered, random thoughts until I get better at this new routine.

Here is Maia at the hospital wearing the cute top Tom brought back from Korea090915 - crying maia090915 - cute maia in ufo kimono

And Maia making her crazy faces:

090915 - crazy 1 090915 - crazy 2 090915 - crazy 3090915 - crazy 4







Tom did a photoshoot when Maia was 6 days old:

091315 photoshoot 091315 photoshoot 2

That’s it for tonight!

Waiting for baby

Baby is due in 3 days!  I tried to look up some information about how the “due date” matches up with actual delivery date and found a cool post online.  In the linked survey, for spontaneous singleton births, mean birth date was at 39 weeks+5, and median was 39 weeks+6.  I am betting on 9/10 as birth date (40W+1), and Tom is betting on 9/11.  If I win, I get a pony.  Not really, I’m not sure we bet anything, so it’s just bragging rights.

My/baby’s current status: baby sitting veeery low, not kicking a whole lot (which is normal for her), very slight general crampiness since at least last night but no contractions.

jimin and tom at baby showerjimin at baby showerHere is me at my baby shower 8/16 (36.5 weeks pregnant).

Finding my perfect camera daypack

The Problem

I will be spending three weeks in Ecuador soon and realized that the flimsy daypacks I’ve been using weren’t ideal.  I have really specific requirements for this trip and wanted to find a pack that would meet all of these.  I researched for many hours trying to find the right pack for my needs and thought I would share my thought process along with what bags I considered and where I ended up.

My Equipment

I should start by saying what equipment I plan to bring with me as it will dictate how much dedicated camera space I’ll need.  My main camera is a Canon 6D and my walkabout lens is the 24-105 F4/L.  I’m also bringing a 50mm F1.8 and a 70-300 F4-5.6.  My wife will bring a Canon Rebel T5i and two lenses of her own, but she will be carrying those.  I’ve considered bringing my tripod/ballhead or picking up a dedicated wide angle lens, but will probably pass because of space/weight concerns.

My Requirements

My three weeks in Ecuador will start with a week hiking in the mountains and spending a bit of time in cities.  After that I’ll spend 8 days on a cruise touring the northern and western Galapagos islands.  The last portion of the trip will be spent relaxing in a beach town.  So, what do I need in a pack?

Smaller is better (as long as it holds my stuff) – I’m only bringing the 6D body and three lenses.  Lots of the bags I looked at would be great for many times more gear than I’m bringing, but this kind of storage would be lost on me.  I’m going to try to travel light so there isn’t a need for a bag that goes big.

I’ll be carrying more than camera equipment – A few of the hikes will be full day hikes.  In addition to this at least one of the side trips will leave me without my larger pack for a few days.  I need space for a change of clothing, a light jacket, and some toiletries.

Comfort is key and accessibility would be nice – I expect to be wearing this pack for at least a few hours a day while hiking every day for a few weeks.  I love the tiny light packs I usually wear on day hikes, but I get tired of things jammed into my back eventually.  I also like the idea of being able to remove my camera without taking the pack off.

I don’t like ugly bags – I know this should be minor but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t take it into account.  Big puffy black boxes you wear on your back are ugly and scream CAMERA BAG.  What I really wanted was a daypack that can act as a camera bag, not the other way around.

So, I’m looking for a bag somewhere around 20L that is maybe 30% dedicated to camera equipment with the rest of the space for other things.  If I could get access via the side would be great and it can’t look like a giant CD wallet from 1997.


The Lowepro Flipside Sport 20L AWFlipsideSport_15L_blue_left_w-equip

Lowepro makes tons of camera bags at reasonable prices.  They seem well padded and well thought out.  This bag checked a few of the boxes that were important to me, but ultimately wasn’t right.  The overall size was appropriate for my needs and it had all of the bells and whistles you would want in a camera daypack (hydration reservoir, space for a tripod, easy access to the camera).  It wasn’t obvious to me how i could divide space between the camera section and space for other items.  This is personal preference, but I found this bag to be the kind of unattractive box I was looking to avoid.

The Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW


This bag was probably my second favorite choice overall.  The bag looks more like a daypack and appears to dedicate more space to other gear/food than the Flipside Sport.  If anything it’s possible this bag doesn’t dedicate enough space to camera equipment, which was certainly the exception in my searching.  I still couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a pretty unattractive bag. I suspect if I had gone with this bag i would have been happy with it overall.

The Kata Bumblebee 210 DL/Manfrotto Pro Light Bumblebee-220 PL


This was one of the more unique bags i looked at.  This bag is the right size, has easy access to the camera, and looks great.  It’s pretty pricey, but if it was actually perfect I could deal with that.  Unfortunately this is a bag that is totally dedicated to camera equipment and therefore wasn’t right for me.

The Kata Bug-205PL/Manfrotto Pro Light Bug-203 PL


This is essentially smaller version of the Bumblebee and suffered from the same flaw.  That said the design is pretty clever and if my needs were different I think this is a bag I could get excited about.

The National Geographic Medium Rucksack

National Geographic Rucksack

This interesting bag divides a bottom camera compartment from a top storage compartment.  It doesn’t look like most of the other bags and could be quite attractive.  It’s a bit tough to see from the photos online and I couldn’t find it locally.  In the end I suspect that this bag is a little too small.

The Bag!

The Mindshift Rotation 180 Panorama

rotation180-panorama-tahoe-blue rotation-180-panorama-right-side-hydration

This is a 22L bag that is extremely well designed.  It’s gimick is that it has a belt pack that isn’t really attached to the frame, but still helps to support the full weight of the pack.  With a quick motion you can rotate the pack around your body and open it for full access to your camera gear without needing to take it off your back.  At 2.9lbs it’s among the lighter bags listed.  I plan to carry three lenses and the belt pack really only holds two so I picked up another small bag to clip to the belt.  It has clever pockets that allow you to attach a tripod easily and has space for a water reservoir.  It looks a little more like a camera bag than the Lowepro Photo Sport 200, but it’s still acceptable.  I wish there was a bit more space in the top compartment or that it could be expanded up a bit, but overall it’s a small bag and the compartments are divided in the ratio i’d like to see.

I’ll post an update after the trip with my experience.