Weekend getaway

2016-08-20 four seasons pool 1This past Saturday to Sunday, I spent my first night away from Maiabean-my-bunny.  Tom watched her while I got to hang out with my girlfriends on a much needed mini-vacation.  We stayed at a hotel in Palo Alto, and I kicked off my time there by lounging by the pool.

2016-08-20 four seasons pool 2

I even started a book!  I think I’m 30 pages in…  I would’ve got further but my friends started showing up.  We had a great time going out to a delicious dinner and catching up.  I woke up at 6:30am of course, but managed to fall back asleep until 8am.

I *think* Maia was happy to see me when I returned, but she quickly lost interest in me and paid much more attention to the cattee.  /eyeroll

Tom did such a great job that I informed him I will be taking many more vacations.  🙂


Maia worked on a puzzle at the library yesterday.  She’s so cute when she is focused.  She was working really hard on it, but I’m not sure what she thought the point of it was.  😛

I’m sure she will figure it out soon.  It’s amazing watching her pick up new skill after new skill.  Last week she figured out how to put together the stacking rings on their stick.  She also learned how to go up steps by putting her hands down on the upper step and then climbing with her feet.   (She previously tried to just walk up stairs, but the steps are too high for her little self.)

Happy bean and random notes

Last week we took a trip to Seattle.  More about that in another post when I have the photos ready.  In the meantime, a preview video from the playroom at the zoo:

Coinciding with Maia ending her nursing a few weeks ago, she has been sleeping through the night more often than not.  This is really, really great for me!!!  In the last month I have started to have some semblence of a life.  I’ve gone out for drinks a few times and I read a book (well, a graphic novel); tomorrow I’ll see a movie in the evening and later this week I’ll see a concert.  I was thinking back to just a few months ago, when I couldn’t/wouldn’t go out in the evening because with all the wake ups I needed to go to bed as early as possible in order to survive the next day.  Crazy.

I ended up having to give formula starting last week, and she took it without any problem, thank goodness.  For now we are doing a 50/50 mix with breastmilk.

Kites and stuff

2016-07-31 kites 1Today we had a nice time at the Berkeley Kite Festival.  It is a yearly event that takes place at Cesar Chavez Park, with giant kites, food venders, kite-related activities, bouncy houses, etc.  We stuck to eating and admiring the kites.
2016-07-31 kites 3 2016-07-31 kites 5 2016-07-31 kites 4

Maia is not a cuddly bean, but lately she has occasionally come up and put her arms around me or Tom, or her head on my leg or shoulder.  <3 <3 <3  Haven’t been able to teach her how to kiss yet, though.

2016-07-31 cuddly at kites LR

Regarding our nursing saga… sigh… she won’t nurse any more so I’m pumping until I just don’t make enough.  I only have a month to go before we can switch to whole cow’s milk.  I bought a can of formula to have in case.  So, if you’re a nursing mom, please remember to savor it while you can!

2016-07-30 bottle feeding LRBaby shoes are just too cute.  Maia wore hers to Totland Park the other day.  She is quickly improving her walking skills, but she doesn’t get the concept of climbing.  We saw a crawler at the park that day, and he was able to negotiate steps, but Maiabean has never tried it and didn’t get it.

2016-07-30 totland LR

Another batch of randoms

Maiabean-is-my-bunny reads the book “I am a Bunny”


From today — Maiabean bean-machine shows off her walking skillz

(Yes, she does look drunk, haha!)


In sad news — my baby started a nursing strike 4 days ago.  She bit me and in surprise I yelped and pushed her off.  Since then, she has refused to nurse and freaks out and pushes away and cries.  I’ve been pumping but I don’t think I will do this indefinitely.  We had a really, really good run in terms of breastfeeding in the last five or six months, and I am grateful for that, but bummed that this is how it might end.  /sadface

If it does end, though, I’m proud of how long we made it!

Maiabean looks positively grown up these days.  Where did my baby go?!

2016-07-15 pjs 1  2016-07-15 pjs 2