5 months

Happy 5 months!

2016-02-07 5 months 3 2016-02-07 5 months 2 2016-02-07 5 months 1

Maia likes to grab her feet, but can’t yet put her toes into her mouth.  She has noticed the cattee and tries to touch him.  He doesn’t know what to make of that.  She still only rolls back to front over her left side, but sometimes accidentally gets too much momentum and keeps rolling and ends up on her back again.

Fun in Sonoma

Last weekend our little family took its first overnight trip.  We stayed two nights in Sonoma, and despite a few hiccups, it was a great success!

2016-01-24 dots 2


2016-01-24 maia focuses on foot2016-01-24 merlin hug sonoma

We stayed at Alexandra’s Plaza Suite, a wonderful one bedroom guesthouse very close to the Sonoma town square.

Some of us watched football, and others of us played with our feet.



2016-01-24 villageWe visited TrainTown where you can ride on a miniature train that loops around lakes, goes through tunnels, and passes by mini villages.  It even stops at a petting zoo!  Maia was too young to appreciate it, to be honest, but I loved it.  We will have to take her back there when she is a little older.


2016-01-24 goat 2016-01-24 train 2

The most hilarious thing at TrainTown happened at the ferris wheel.  We figured Maia would stay in the carrier on my chest, but the operator said all riders had to sit in the seat.  Tom and I looked at each other in a bit of confusion because she certainly can’t sit up on her own, but followed the directions.  The only thing securing us was the metal bar belt, which MOST DEFINITELY did not restrain Maia because she was too small and could easily slide underneath.  The result was that Tom and I kept a death grip on her for the whole ride.  Shhh, don’t tell my parents!

2016-01-24 ferris wheel


Maia is oblivious




The next day we hiked at Jack London State Historic Park.  Due to the recent rains, the air was crisp and fresh and the park was beautiful and green.

2016-01-25 wolf house ruins 2 2016-01-25 wolf house ruins 1

2016-01-25 jack london hike

We were able to walk from our lodgings to Mission San Francisco Solano and other historic sites in Sonoma, and we drove to a few vineyards to enjoy some wine and beautiful views.  I was sorry to end our trip!  We will have to plan another.

2016-01-26 mission sonoma    

2016-01-26 gundlach bundschu 3 2016-01-26 gundlach bundschu 1