Sleep training and a time-lapse video of day with daddy

Since about the 5 month mark, Maia’s nighttime sleep has been pretty crappy, and therefore so has mine.  We finally bit the bullet and started sleep training two weeks ago, and it’s gone really well.  I was so nervous about it, but she only cried for 20 minutes the first night, and now she usually falls asleep within minutes.  Last night she slept 8 hours before waking to nurse — I think it’s a new record!

Tom watched Maiabean for much of today while I attended a conference, and he made this time-lapse video of the morning.  What a busy bee my bean is.


Tom texted me two days ago, “She is mobile and she knows it.  She wants to crawl to all the things now.”

Her crawl is asymmetrical now — her left leg does the normal thing, knee down; but with her right leg she tends to step with the sole of her foot, knee off the ground.  I’m curious if she will eventually crawl more normally.

We live just a few doors down from a nice neighborhood park.  Tom recently started taking Maiabean there.  At first, she was afraid to move off the picnic blanket and treated the grass as if it were a moat or a cliff.  Now she feels compelled to pull out all the grass.

Tilden Park and pet the cattee

We live near Tilden Regional Park, which has tons of awesome things to do.  Maiabean has visited Little Farm there several times.

2016-04-16 steam train 2016-04-16 train tunnel

This last weekend we rode the miniature steam train.  It’s not as awesome as the one at Sonoma Traintown, but this one is nearby and very cute.  Look at that expression as we exit a tunnel.

2016-04-16 merry-go-round

We also found the merry-go-round, which I hadn’t been to since I was a kid myself.

So, Maia thinks that the cattee is the greatest thing ever.  One surefire way to get her to stop crying is to take her over to look at the cattee.  He, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about her; if anything, he probably dislikes her and the attention she gets that used to go to him.

The other day, Maia was in her activity chair when she noticed after a few minutes that the cattee was resting next to her.  He’s a pretty good cat to put up with her petting him.  Note to self — teach Maia how to pet gently.

Almost crawling

Today she sat herself up from lying on her tummy for the first time.  And now that she has that new skill, she kept repeating it.

Here is her current progress on attempting to crawl:


Further thoughts on breastfeeding and why it is difficult at first — it’s not just the time commitment, which is crazy; but learning when your baby is actually hungry versus fussing for some other reason; engorgement; supply being out of control until it settles down after a few months and therefore lots of leaking and tenderness; baby freaking out when you’re trying to feed her for who-knows-what reason; baby freaking out while you’re trying to get set up to feed her (and then she won’t nurse if she got too worked up); figuring out how to set up to feed her (many pillow configurations were involved); plugged ducts and mastitis; spit up everywhere; meeting with lactation consultants and watching videos about how to get a good latch but every time she manages it she then lets herself slide back…

I had no idea what to expect from breastfeeding before I started.  However, I know a lot of women go through much more trouble in order to breastfeed their babies, so even though I had (the normal) difficulties, I’m very grateful that overall it has gone extremely well.  I always had enough supply and she has thrived.

I’ve just been in looking-back mode and it’s interesting to remember how crazy life was with the new baby in the first few months when we knew nothing and she was totally helpless and it was just survival time for us all (plus my hormones were crazy and I was healing from childbirth).

Now, although it’s definitely a lot of work to care for her, we know her and many things are much easier.  All three of us have come a long way.

Just in time for her to become mobile.

Things about Maia…

…which may be universal to babies, but I only know this one

2016-04-06 maui ocean center 1

  1. Maiabean sometimes reaches for something (so carefully and deliberately), and once she has it grabbed she quickly jams it into her mouth.  But often she misses putting the object into her mouth and gets her thumb into her mouth instead and happily sucks on that while still clinging to the object.
  2. She flaps her arms and legs and smiles huge when excited.
  3. She always tries to roll over when on the changing table.  It makes diaper changes very challenging.  She gets so pissed off when we try to keep her on her back.
  4. She always sucks her left thumb.
  5. I like the folds in her forearms and her round belly and her eyebrows.
  6. Breastfeeding in the early days so was hard and crazy.  It was a full-time job in itself.  Now she rarely nurses for more than 10 minutes, and its so so much easier since she has head and neck control.