OK, more randoms

Maia has another new word!  It is “쿵!” which is pronounced “koong!” and pretty much means “thud!”  I couldn’t manage to get a video of her saying it.  She learned it from her book about the apple that falls to the ground and goes 쿵!

2017-01-22 apple book 1 LR 2017-01-22 apple book 2 LR


2017-01-20 dad nap 2 LR

My mom is in Korea for a few weeks, so 할아버지 and 이모 (my dad and Grace) watched her for a bit on Tuesday while I worked.  I was so impressed my dad got her to nap!  Sometimes she won’t even nap for me!

2017-01-13 laundry

Maia enjoys playing in the laundry basket.


Maia’s actual second word

Now that we think about it, Maia’s actual second word was probably “wha-wha” (or maybe “wo-wo”?).  It’s a sound that she has made for a few months for indicating animals, but it isn’t super specific.  Now she mainly uses it for pointing out dogs and bears.  I recently realized, thanks to the Baby Beluga book that that she got for Christmas, that she will use it for seals, as well.

2017 so far

2017 so far is frankly uneventful here, but I haven’t posted in a while so here goes.  Maia started swimming lessons on Saturdays at this nice kid-friendly pool called Aquatech.  Tom said she was neither upset nor happy at the first class, but rather in “scanning mode,” where she is taking in a new situation.  We think she will enjoy it as she gets used to it.  Also, we are keeping our fingers crossed for no pooping at the pool.  😀

A couple of old photos — the beautiful dessert Jjojji-imo made for Christmas dinner and the dough ornaments we decorated that evening.

2016-12-25-dessert 2016-12-25-ornament-making

Here’s a cute pic of Maia holding Tom’s hand.  We were both surprised she actually did this, as she definitely isn’t the hand-holding type.


Maia’s second word is…

So Maia’s first word, which she has been saying for at least five months, was mam-ma, meaning “food” or “milk.”  She hadn’t spoken any other words, although she certainly understands a lot and also is very forceful in communicating with pointing, gesturing, and squealing.

Today she started saying her second word!

Happy New Year!

It’s almost Christmas


Tom got a mini-tree for our house and Maia actually doesn’t seem to care much about it  😛  but that is fine with me because I don’t want it to be constantly pulled down!

Maia is still on two naps, but she wouldn’t go down for the second one today, which resulted in quite the cranky bean.  We went to see the lights at Christmas Tree Lane in Alameda this evening, and she enjoyed it, but was a mess on the drive to and from there.

Tom tells me that Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas movie.  I’ve actually never seen it, so we started it tonight and we will finish it tomorrow.  Merry Christmas Eve!