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Maia and I stroll along Solano Ave; Jjojji-imo and my dad “talk” with Maia

2015-11-23 solano 2015-11-23 grace and dad

She sleeps pretty well at night currently.  She’s gone over 7 hours between nursing sessions the last three nights,  She rarely takes long naps, though, usually just half an hour.  She is often very fussy in the evenings — apparently this is known as the “witching hour.”

I’m super nervous about the logistics of returning to work in two weeks.


For the first month I hardly left the house at all.  It was just too much effort.  Then around week 6 or so I was getting pretty antsy.  So now we are at week 9, and I’ve kind of accidentally overscheduled myself and Maia, but that’s OK!

2015-11-11 maia in bear hatWe joined a first time moms group, an under-ones playgroup, and a baby yoga class!  It’s nice to get out and about, and having something scheduled makes it much more likely to happen.  Also, meeting other new moms is great because it gives me perspective (i.e. everyone is going through the same hard things, and it’s normal).

Maia got her 2 month vaccinations today.  She is 25th percentile for weight (10 lb 7 oz) and 71st for height (23 inches).  She looks adorable in her bear hat.

2 months

2015-11-07 2 months iphone

Maia is 2 months old today!  She weighs about 10 pounds.  She has discovered that she can put her hands in her mouth.  She says “aoo” and “goo.”  She is still a squirmy wormy — her limbs are all over the place when she is awake!  I have a feeling she is going to be a handful!





Today’s random assortment of photos: Maia doesn’t quite get the playmat, but she seems to like it; sticking out her milk tongue; the “inside joke” expression she sometimes wears after nursing; and spitting up while on the playmat (Tom especially wanted to capture that spit up for some reason, but I do like her funny expression)

2015-11-05 gym  2015-11-05 tongue  2015-10-28 inside joke  2015-11-07 spit up

1st Halloween

2015-10-30 halloween family editLast week was Maia’s first Halloween.  I didn’t get my act together to make a costume, but Jjojji-imo and I bought a cute Jack-o-lantern onesie for Maia to wear.  We went to the Dropbox Halloween celebration where Maia seemed to enjoy looking around at all the new things, but perhaps was over-stimulated as she (and we!) slept rather poorly that night!

2015-10-30 halloween mummy edit 2015-10-30 first halloween edit 2015-10-31 halloween photobooth

Parenthood humor

This is news to no one, but being a new parent is really freakin hard!  Humor is indispensable.  Following are some items related to parenting and babies I’ve seen online that made me laugh.  2015-10-13 drunk on pacifier

Maia falls asleep drunk off pacifier






“Things My Newborn Has Done That Remind Me of the Existential Horror of the Human Experience” by Chris Braak, in The Toast


Turned in my arms to find a breast to suckle. Finding nothing, he sucked at the air instead, gaining neither nourishment nor satisfaction.

Writhed against his confinement whether he was swaddled or not, as though trying to free himself from bonds that were interior to his psyche.

Reached out new hands for something firm to grab onto; found nothing but emptiness.

“A Day at Home With a Newborn” by Sarah O’Grady, in


Here I sit, typing this with one hand, and holding a pacifier in this fussy babe’s mouth with the other hand, while I use my right foot to rock the car seat she’s pseudo-napping in. That leaves me one foot left to, I don’t know, tap dance.

Fowl Language, a comic strip by Brian Gordon

First Smile


Taking Kids To The Doctor


(I’m pretty sure Tom thinks this one applies to me!)