New gear

Yay new baby gear!

2016-04-22 hip sack

Tom makes fun of my new fanny pack, but it’s totally awesome.  Custom order from etsy.  It’s hands-free!  You never have enough hands when you have a baby!
2016-05-15 bonnet

I got a new bonnet for Maiabean.  Benefits of a bonnet: baby can’t pull it off; it won’t get twisted around on her head; it won’t fall forward over her eyes.
2016-05-21 hood LR

I should’ve tried to get a photo in a prettier setting, but here is the custom hood I got for my Beco Gemini baby carrier.  I’ll use it for when bean falls asleep while being worn.  These days, since her schedule including naps has solidified, we rarely have naps in the carrier.  I think this is most likely to be used if we are traveling somewhere.  I got a matching toy leash, too — its that strap with orange snaps hanging off my shoulder.

2016-05-27 crawl face 1

Aaaand a photo of bunny, for fun.


I was a bit taken aback by Maiabean’s birthmark when she was born, and let’s face it — it’s the first thing people notice when they meet her.  Now I mostly don’t think about it, and when I do I’m fond of it.  Sometimes I stare at it while nursing her.  I kind of can’t imagine her without it.

When other people mention it to me I’m reminded of its prominence to those who aren’t used to being around her, and sometimes I worry about how she will feel about it as she is growing up.  I wish everyone was like a baby in that they don’t care about such matters.

Today we visited daddy’s workplace and took photos on the roof garden and in the lobby where there are cool hanging moss-plant-rock things.

2016-05-20 dropbox roof 3 LR 2016-05-20 dropbox hanging plants LR

Ice creeeeam!

Last Friday Jjojji-imo and I went to Fenton’s with Maiabean and we enjoyed a massive ice cream sundae bigger than baby’s head.

2016-05-15 fentons 2 2016-05-15 fentons 1

Tom and I agonized over which stroller to purchase before Maiabean’s birth.  We ended up buying the somewhat fancy Uppababy Cruz… and then we never used it.  Until this last weekend, Tom took Maia for a spin in it and said she did all right.  The thing is, it seems like such a pain to have a big bulky stroller with me, so I always wear her!

2016-05-14 stroller 1 2016-05-14 stroller 2

8 months and Mother’s Day

Maiabean turned 8 months yesterday.  She has started trying to pull up to stand as of about a week ago.  Last night she slept straight from 7:45pm to 6am!  And after nursing fell asleep again til after 8am!  Of course, it happened on the day Tom agreed to get up early with her.  😛

2016-05-07 8 months 2

On my first Mother’s Day, I see that I never appreciated my own mother enough for everything she did and does for me.  I hope to be half the mom she is one day.  Now I’m off to meet her at a spa for massages while Tom watches the bean!