Another batch of randoms

Maiabean-is-my-bunny reads the book “I am a Bunny”


From today — Maiabean bean-machine shows off her walking skillz

(Yes, she does look drunk, haha!)


In sad news — my baby started a nursing strike 4 days ago.  She bit me and in surprise I yelped and pushed her off.  Since then, she has refused to nurse and freaks out and pushes away and cries.  I’ve been pumping but I don’t think I will do this indefinitely.  We had a really, really good run in terms of breastfeeding in the last five or six months, and I am grateful for that, but bummed that this is how it might end.  /sadface

If it does end, though, I’m proud of how long we made it!

Maiabean looks positively grown up these days.  Where did my baby go?!

2016-07-15 pjs 1  2016-07-15 pjs 2

Weekend with Grandma Mary

Last week, Grandma Mary came to visit for a long weekend.  It was her first time seeing Maiabean since she was a newborn, and she has changed so much since then!

2016-07-08 mary and maia 1 2016-07-08 mary and maia 2

We got to do fun stuff like go to the zoo and take a trip to Napa.

2016-07-10 mary tom maia giraffes

Honestly, Maia is still too young to take much interest in most of the animals, but she definitely likes the meerkats.  They’re pretty cool.  We got to see the keeper feed the colony (yum! mealworms!).  We learned that they take turns having one member on sentry duty.  At one point they all scattered under some rocks, and the keeper said the sentry had called out some kind of danger signal, sending them scurrying.

2016-07-10 mary jimin maia napa

These days, Maiabean enjoys looking at books.  She likes to be the one to turn the pages.

2016-07-15 literary bean

She says “mammammammam” — but she doesn’t mean mommy.  She means food!  When we get food out for her, or when I get ready to breastfeed, she starts making this sound!  I guess it’s kind of her first word?

10 months

2016-07-07 10 months LR

Happy 10 months, silly Maiabean!  She took her first steps 9 days ago (at 할머니 and 할아버지’s house *sniff* I missed them).  She’s managed to string together 4 or 5 steps at a time, but usually she topples after just one.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get the best video of her efforts.

4th of July

For 4th of July, we decided to check out the event that the nearby little city of Albany puts on.  We went to the pancake breakfast at the Veterans Memorial building and played on the swings in the morning, then had to stop at home for a nap.  Unfortunately, naptime meant we missed the “Diaper Derby,” where babies race to see who can crawl the fastest.
2016-07-04 pancake 12016-07-04 swing 4








We went back in the afternoon and enjoyed watching sack races and three-legged races, eating food truck yummies, and, most of all, visiting the cutest little animals at the petting zoo!

2016-07-04 petting zoo pig 2016-07-04 petting zoo llama 2016-07-04 petting zoo goat

Today’s randoms

2016-06-24 crawl far away

Look how far away from me Maiabean crawled at the park.  I suspect she will become one of those toddlers referred to as “runners.”

I was remembering a random fact recently — newborns don’t produce tears when they cry.  I don’t remember when Maia started making tears, but this was definitely something I didn’t know before Maia.

These days she usually wakes once in the night to nurse.  I’d love to be rid of these night feedings, but they are kind of sweet.  I take her out of the crib and nurse her in my lap on top of some pillows.  As soon as she is done she curls up and instantly falls asleep on me.  Sometimes she gives a little stretch before curling up.  Part of me wants to just stay there in that moment, but most of me wants to get back into bed so after a second I get up and put her back in the crib and leave.