Zoo and cake

After many wet weekends, we finally had a clear morning (it rained in the afternoon) to go to the zoo.  Maiabean-my-bunny was in a super happy mood and bopped along, singing a made up song into her maraca mic.

In an uncharacteristically social move, she climbed into a car with two boys she had never met before:

2019-03-10 zoo cars 2

Dada baked again with a little help from Maia, a huge and delicious lemon poppyseed cake!

2019-03-11 lemon poppyseed cake 1

Maia’s second Maui trip

A wedding invitation was a great excuse to take a little Hawaiian vacation.  We spent a few days in Maui and had a lovely time.  Maia had a fever the first few days but was in good spirits.  She enjoyed playing on the beach, which she called the “sandbox.”  She also loved the pools and the waterslide, which she wasn’t tall enough for (by nearly 4 inches!), but apparently that was close enough that the workers let her pass.

2019-02-26 sandbox maui 5 2019-02-26 sandbox maui 2

2019-02-26 westin wedding 32019-02-27 shopping 2

On our last day we rode on a submarine!  We saw tons of fish, a few white tipped sharks, and some eels!

2019-03-01 submarine 1 2019-03-01 submarine 2 2019-03-01 submarine 6 2019-03-01 submarine 3

Exhausted ending to the trip:
2019-03-01 airport shoulders 1

Maia has informed me that she would like to go to Hawaii again.  Me too, baby, me too.