Bean furnishings

We are (slowly) purging some of our clutter and replacing it with a few nicer/newer things.  So far we have managed to clear out a large space in Maia’s room.  We got her some fun stuff from Ikea but now we need to actually move it into her room.  ;D

2019-01-11 duktig 12019-01-12 duktig reveal 4
2019-01-12 duktig reveal 5

2019-01-12 flitsat 2

Christmas scooter

Oh dear, I haven’t posted in forever.  I’m not sure if Tom will have any good photos from Christmas to pass along to me, but for now here is Beanbean trying out her present from me:

2018-12-25 christmas scooter 1


We had Christmas Eve dinner at my parents’ house, then we went back the next morning to make brunch and open presents.  Maia got quite the haul.  She asked to have Christmas again.


Visiting Santa

I took Beanbean to the Tilden Park carousel one evening and it so happened that Santa was arriving as we were leaving.  Maia wanted to see if he was giving out presents.  I told her Santa was just visiting and talking to kids and not giving out gifts yet (that happens on Christmas Day!); and I promised we would come back the next day so she could chat with Santa.

2018-12-09 tilden santa 1 2018-12-09 tilden santa 42018-12-09 tilden chicken 1