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Some little recent happenings

뽀뽀bean reached the crayon-on-the-wall milestone yesterday.

2017-12-01 crayon wall 1   2017-12-01 crayon wall 2

Thankfully, it came off easily with a damp paper towel.  Kudos, Crayola, for your “ultra-clean washable” crayons.


I read about Home Depot offering a free kids workshop once a month, so even though she is a bit young for it, I took Beanie to build a wooden “gingerbread” house.

2017-12-02 home depot 2

I did the building and Maia decorated with stickers and paint.  She really enjoyed the painting and asked for more paint when we got home!  Maybe I will delegate that messy activity to my parents.  😀
2017-12-02 home depot 8

The finished product is totally cute and Maia enjoyed taking the roof off and putting it back on, and putting items inside the house.2017-12-02 home depot 10


Also today I revealed to Maia the train tracks/cars/accessories I recently acquired for her.

Random beaniness

Maia says clocks go “tick tock tick!”

She makes up nonsense syllable songs e.g. “mwaboo mwaboo mwaboo,” and then she tells me, “that’s baby-song ‘mwaboo’!”

There’s nothing better than the sound of a toddler running.  Thumpthumpthumpthumpthump!

Certain words she always says in Korean, even though she otherwise never uses her Korean with me: 바지 (pants), 같이 (together), 상어 (shark)

2017-11-27 caltrain view