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Preschool update and other stuff

Maia has had four days of preschool.  On the fourth day, she finally didn’t freak out when I left in the morning for work.  Tom tells me she even put on her backpack and shoes and was ready to head out before he got dressed.  She also ate her entire lunch!


Every time we return from a trip where we cosleep, Maia begs to sleep in our bed at home.  We’ve managed to make her go to sleep in her room, but in the middle of the night she has been joining us.  It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t somehow take up half the bed.

2018-11-07 cosleep


Last night as I was putting her to bed, I asked her if she was my baby.  She answered, “I’m not a baby, I’m a girl.”  I told her she would always be my baby.  Then she said, “When I get smaller and smaller I will be a boy.”  Haha, the things kids say.


There is another large wildfire in California right now; it is a few counties away but the smoke is quite bad here.  I took Maia to the Lawrence Hall of Science this afternoon, but when we got there everyone was leaving because the smoke had set off the fire alarms!  By that time any other kid-friendly activity was closed, so I tried to salvage the afternoon by taking Maia to get some fro yo.

2018-11-09 fro yo 22018-11-09 fro yo 42018-11-09 fro yo 5

First day of preschool

In the rush of trying to get Maia to preschool and myself to work I didn’t manage to take a picture for her first day.  So, what the heck, here is a photo of bean being packaged up to ship to dada in Seattle.2018-10-30 box 1

There were no tears at drop off today, although she was a bit shy and clingy.  She told me this evening, “Some kids were cry and say, ‘mama! mama! don’t go!’ but I don’t cry because I’m a big girl!”

Unfortunately, since my dad picked her up and didn’t ask any questions to the teachers, I don’t know that much about how her day went!  Based on what I could get out of her, she played with “a girl,” they did a “door game” and a “ABC crocodile puzzle.”  She rode on a tricycle.  She did not use the bathroom (eek!).  As expected she didn’t eat much of the lunch I packed her.

This evening she threw the hugest tantrum on the car ride home and I think part of it must be that she is processing this new change in her life.


Here at Maialand we are trying to catch our breath.  At the end of our trip in Seoul I caught a cold, then we had our long flight home on Friday, then Tom caught a cold, we were all massively sleep-deprived and jet-lagged, we started back at work on Monday, and Tom left on a business trip on Tuesday.  Whew!

So trip photos will have to wait.

Maia goofing off at home — 슈파 !

2018-10-29 shupa 1

Eating 호두과자.  She says, “It’s chocolate!”  It’s actually red bean paste, but we didn’t correct her…

2018-10-20 hodo chocolate 1

On the trip Beanie kept telling me she wants not a bee backpack this time, but a bunny backpack.  A pink bunny backpack!  (Despite Tom’s best efforts, Maia’s favorite color is clearly pink, followed by purple.)  Maia never asks me to get her things, so when she requested this, it became my mission to find one for her to use for preschool.  Score!

2018-10-24 bunny backpack

Another purchase for preschool is this nap mat.  She loves it and is currently sleeping in it on top of her bed.

2018-10-27 nap roll

We found this egg chair and Maia pretended it was a toilet.

2018-10-20 egg or toilet

My bunny (wearing her bunny dress and her bunny 바지) petting a bunny  😀

2018-10-28 pet bunny

Cake mouth


I haven’t been updating because we are traveling abroad right now.  Here’s a photo of bean with her mouth stained blue from some cake frosting. Trip photos coming next week hopefullly.