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Maiabeanie was at the local playground with Tom yesterday when one of the other parents whipped out a bubble machine!

Beanie has reached the stage where, as Tom says, we are no longer surprised when she learns new things.  She is pretty much on one nap now, but we aren’t sure what time to do it.  She isn’t super clingy to me any more (generally), which is great, but somehow also a little sad!  She used to get distressed when I would leave for work, but now she usually just waves goodbye.

18 months

Maia turned 18 months old last week.  She now says “dada” all the freakin time, but has no term to indicate me!  She still loves books and animals.  She is starting to have tantrums.  Tom informed me that the book he is reading says that tantrums continue until around age 5!

2017-03-13 18 month dr 1

At her doctor’s appointment two days ago she weighed 21 lb 12 oz (37th %ile) and measured 32.25 inches tall (63rd %ile).

2017-03-13 tilden leaves 1 2017-03-13 tilden leaves 3

I took her to Little Farm the other day and when she tried to pick up some trash off the ground (as she often does), I told her please don’t pick that up; you can pick up a leaf or a stick or a rock instead.  Sooooo she decided to pick up ALL the leaves.  One at a time.  Like seriously I think she collected over 50.

This morning I decided to show her how to jump, and she made a few not-quite-successful-but-super-cute attempts:

More pics from Tahoe

2017-02-25 airbnb 3 2017-02-25 airbnb 1

We stayed in Truckee at an AirBnB, and that worked out pretty well.  Having a separate room for BeanBean is key so we can stay up after she goes to bed.  She enjoyed checking out the new space and toys.  You can see the massive amounts of snow piled up outside the windows.

2017-02-25 tahoe first snow

Here is a pic from right when we stepped out of the house into the snow.2017-02-25 snow 3

Her getup was so cute and funny.  Tom said she looks like a teletubby.

2017-02-25 snow 11

She was definitely not too pleased about being pulled in this sled.2017-02-26 granlibakken 2

2017-02-26 granlibakken 1

The next day we went to Granlibakken to go sledding.  It might not look it in the photos, but that sledding hill was steep!  2017-02-26 granlibakken 32017-02-16 lie in sled

Beanie needed to calm herself down after a thrilling ride down the hill and insisted on lying in one of the sleds and sucking her thumb.  <3  I had to pull off her mittens to give her thumb access.

2017-02-25 snow 2

Goodbye, snow!  Hopefully we see you again soon!