Daily Archives: April 6, 2017

Maia’s garden

Tom got it in his head that he wants to garden with Maia.  Neither of us knows anything about gardening.  Our friends Jonathan and Kelly were nice enough to make a planter for us!  We set it up in our patio (which we never use because I think it is infested (and, in fact, Tom said couldn’t fall asleep later that night thinking about the bazillion spiders he valiantly fought off while clearing the overgrown vines on the fence)), and last weekend we got soil and plants.

2017-04-02 garden 12017-04-02 garden 3 2017-04-02 garden 4 2017-04-02 garden 5

We got sage, marigolds, chard, and lettuce from the local nursery; and we also planted seeds for radishes, long beans, and zucchini.2017-04-02 garden 62017-04-02 garden 9

Grow, little plants, grow!