Daily Archives: April 16, 2017

Tahoe girls trip

Tom watched the bean last weekend so 할머니, 쪼찌이모, and I could go to Tahoe!  It’s been a record winter and it snowed the night before we drove up, so it was still beautiful.

2017-04-08 showshoe 13

2017-04-08 snowshoe 4

The first day was overcast and we got a dusting of snow, too, as we snowshoed near the lake.

snowshoe 3 2017-04-08 snowshoe 9

The next day we went to the east side of Lake Tahoe, to another small lake called Spooner.  The snow was nice and deep there and although the trail was labeled “easy,” I must say snowshoeing is no joke.  We were beat when we finished and I couldn’t wait for a big lunch!

2017-04-09 spooner 2

2017-04-09 spooner 3

Silly me, I thought we would actually see Spooner Lake, but it is covered by a layer of snow!  There were not a lot of people out here.  The expanses of untrammeled snow were gorgeous.  It’s a good thing some people had broken the trail before us so we knew where to go and didn’t fall into the water.


2017-02-13 maia and mommy

This is from two months ago.  I’ll have to get some new pics of Beanie.  Maia likes to count: “one, one, one, one, one!”  She calls herself “baby,” but it sounds more like “beh-by.”  I told her that the bunny goes, “hop hop,” so now she says, “pop pop!” when she sees a bunny.  She makes me sing “Wheels on the Bus” over and over and over and over and over….