Daily Archives: May 9, 2017

Watching Dada shower

I’ve mentioned before that Maia loves to watch Dada shower.  It’s one of the highlights of her day!


In other Maia updates:

  • She often holds hands now, but she has to be the one wrapping her hand around my or Tom’s finger.
  • Ever since I showed her how to jump two months ago, she has been jumping non-stop!  She jumps down stairs.  She jumps off ledges and curbs.  She jumps when she is happy.  She angry-jumps when she is upset, which is kinda funny.
  • She seems to know like 5 or more new words every day, it’s crazy!  She’s been pointing at letters and numbers so we read them out to her, and now she knows her numbers 1-10 and a lot of her letters, too.  She always points from right to left.