Daily Archives: June 6, 2017

Electronics woes

It has been a banner week for electronics in our household.  Tom’s computer isn’t working — something happened as he was adding a new hard drive, so I won’t be able to put up some of the nice photos he took until that gets fixed.

My iPhone died an ignoble death in the washing machine.

Other than that, we are well.  Grandma Mary and Uncle Bobby visited over Memorial Day weekend, and Maia enjoyed having them here.  Then this past weekend we went to a birthday party where Maia entertained herself with balloons and a mirror:

Lately Maia has been resisting sitting in her carseat (sigh) and one of her stalling activities is to swing on the carseat headrest/driver’s seat headrest.  I tried to bribe her by promising blueberries, which are like her favorite thing in the world, and it didn’t quite work although it kind of got her attention: