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More family visiting

Tom recently got a drone and although I often roll my eyes at his camera purchases, I must say this little thing is pretty impressive.  One evening he and his visiting family took it to Cesar Chavez park and took this nice sunset shot.


This is kinda cute — Maia sitting on Grandpa’s lap and looking at her cousin baby Sofia on his phone:

2017-07-17 cliff maia 1 2017-07-17 cliff maia 2

Could any photos be more Bean than these?

2017-07-17 uc botanical garden 2 2017-07-17 uc botanical garden 3

And an extra photo of Maia cuz it’s pretty:

2017-07-17 uc botanical garden 5

On the sleep front — she has been getting up waaay too early the past three months or so (around 5am, sometimes earlier!).  I am so sleep deprived, so in desperation we got her a tot clock last week.  We told her it turns ‘ori’ (her word for ‘orange’) when it is okay to wake up.

In probably a total coincidence, she has since then slept in past 5:15 every morning, and even once past 6am!  Oh, I remember those pre-baby days when I thought a 7am wake up was sooo early, and now I would kill for it.  Good night!

July 4th ‘different party’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’

We went to the 4th of July celebration put on by the city of El Cerrito, and in describing where we were going, we called it a “party.”  Of course, Maia thought that meant a birthday party, so Tom clarified, “It’s a different party.”  Now Maia refers to that festival as “different party.”

Tom got a bunch of nice pics of Beanbean at the playground next to the festival.  It’s hard to say what’s better in Maia’s book — jumping or climbing?

2017-07-04 july 4 1 2017-07-04 july 4 3

2017-07-04 july 4 7 2017-07-04 july 4 4

Earlier this week, Beanie my baby accidentally bumped into me, and said, “Sorry.”  Just like that.  It was so odd and adult!  And last week I did something for her (helped her reach something or opened something for her or some such), and she simply said, “Thank you.”  Kinda freaks me out!  So un-baby-like!


We visited Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont yesterday, and it was really cool!  Maiabeanie had a blast.

We were joined by some peacocks (or pea-cacas, as Maia called them) at the picnic tables.

2017-07-02 ardenwood 13

뽀뽀 got to visit some chickens, and later she was really excited to feed them some grain.

2017-07-02 ardenwood 14

She (no surprise) loved jumping off this block, and got Callie to join in.
2017-07-02 ardenwood 32017-07-02 ardenwood 4

To top it off, the farm had a train.

2017-07-02 ardenwood 6 2017-07-02 ardenwood 9 2017-07-02 ardenwood 11

I’m sure we will be back!