Daily Archives: August 8, 2017

Randomy randoms

Gah I had another cell phone die on me (not my fault this time — it malfunctioned!) so I lost some photos.  :<

Beanie likes to put on dada’s boxers.  She pulls them up and says, “Too big!”  Sometimes she puts on my underwear, too.

2017-08-04 boxers 3 2017-08-04 boxers 4

Two phrases that I apparently say pretty often are “try again!” and “there you go!” cuz baby says them all the time now.  Usually directed at herself, but sometimes at me.

If you ask her her name she used to say, “Baby!” but now she will sometimes say, “Ma-na!” or “Ma-na Baby!”

The other night as she was mega-stalling on bedtime, I told her I was busy cooking so she would have to play by herself.  I came out of the kitchen to check on her and found this little masterpiece.  She had found and used up all the 2×2 pieces in the toy set to make it.2017-08-07 cute legos

She originally had that last separate row next to the other rows, but had moved it over by the time I took my photo.  I’m not sure if I can explain why it tugs at my heart.  I told her she was so cute and I loved it.