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Family birthday party

We didn’t throw a big party this year, but had a lovely little family gathering instead.  Maiabeanie was pretty overwhelmed by our fussing over her, trying to get her to wear a silly hat, and pushing a bunch of wrapped gifts at her.

2017-09-10 2nd bday 1 2017-09-10 2nd bday 3

She got lots of great stuff: books (including a Thomas one), a wooden train, stuffed animals, and wheeee a bicycle!

2017-09-10 2nd bday 11 2017-09-10 2nd bday 13

Here she is “reading” from one of her old Thomas books, aptly about a birthday party:

2 years doctor’s appointment

Maia weighs 24lb 6oz (38%ile).  She is 33.5 inches tall (34%ile).  She is perfectly healthy, and for that we are grateful.

2017-09-08 doctor 1

doctor 3

She was totally unphased by her flu shot.  We were told (as we were at the 12, 15, and 18 month appointments) that we really ought to give up bottles.  😀  I think we are going to try, and I’m pretty sure Beanbean won’t be pleased!

Happy 2nd birthday!

Hurrah, we all survived another year!   😀

2017-09-07 thomas balloon 1

Beanie is still as wiggly and physical as ever, constantly jumping, spinning, or climbing.  She loves to learn new things.  She picks up new songs after just a couple of listenings.  She loves books, her owl 바지, her brownma sleepsack (not the blue sleepsack!), and Thomas the train.

2017-09-07 thomas balloon 2

She is happy and talkative.  She can sometimes be stubborn and tantrum-y, but gets over it pretty quickly when she is upset.  (Sometimes afterwards she tells me very matter-of-factly, “Baby cry.”)  She pulls off her socks and hands them to me when I drive her in the car.  She is a great eater.  She still sucks her thumb.

2017-09-03 badm tree

Happy birthday my 뽀뽀bean!