Daily Archives: October 1, 2017

More random stuff

Maia thinks anything shaped like an arc is a rainbow.  She also thinks that each colored arc in a rainbow is a rainbow.  So when she sees one, she points to each band and calls out, “Red rainbow, ori rainbow, ye-o rainbow, green rainbow, blue rainbow, purple rainbow!”

Beanie and I have been to the zoo the last three Fridays.  It’s been nice and empty.  I guess everyone is back in school and field trips haven’t started up yet.  She does like the animals — currently the flamingos, giraffes, and baboons are all of interest.  But she reeeally likes the rides and anything she can climb on.

2017-09-29 zoo 1

2017-09-15 zoo 6

2017-09-15 zoo 4

Current sleep patterns are pretty good.  We seem to be over that horrible month-long period where she would wake up screaming (nightmares?) and also be impossible for me to put to bed without patting her until she was out.  She hasn’t been waking crazy early either.  In fact, this morning I think she set a personal record by sleeping in until 7:40am.  Now that I’ve written this, I’ve probably jinxed it.