Monthly Archives: November 2017

Random beaniness

Maia says clocks go “tick tock tick!”

She makes up nonsense syllable songs e.g. “mwaboo mwaboo mwaboo,” and then she tells me, “that’s baby-song ‘mwaboo’!”

There’s nothing better than the sound of a toddler running.  Thumpthumpthumpthumpthump!

Certain words she always says in Korean, even though she otherwise never uses her Korean with me: 바지 (pants), 같이 (together), 상어 (shark)

2017-11-27 caltrain view

My monkey

I signed up Maia for gymnastics class.  For her age group, it consists of 35 minutes of free play — running around, jumping, swinging, etc. — and 10 minutes of circle time with the teacher leading songs, jump-spins, and somersaults.  She loves it!

We went to an indoor play space a few days ago since it was rainy, and Maia did the zip line “by self!” as she likes to say.