Daily Archives: January 11, 2018

Noodles and the end of the crib

Beanie my baby likes noodles.

Maiabean, climber that she is, has been able to climb in and out of her crib for a few months, but she never did it during naps or bedtime.  Well, tragically (for me), a few nights ago Maia climbed out after we put her down for bed, wearing her sleepsack no less, so we decided no more crib!

Since then:

Night 1:  We removed a side of the crib and I put a couple pillows on the floor in case she rolled out.  She was afraid to use the crib in its open state.  She took forever and a day to fall asleep, and I had to stay with her until she did.  Around 1am Tom noticed she had rolled out but hadn’t woken.  She slept through the night.

Night 2:  I installed a bed rail.  Again it took forever to put her to sleep and I stayed in the room until she did.  At 2:30am she woke up and despite all my singing and patting she would not sleep so I put her in our bed.  She kept rolling and kicking me and staying awake.  So I took her back to her room, brought a sleeping bag for myself to sleep on her floor, and told her I would stay and sleep there and she could sleep in her bed.  She refused and lay down next to me on the floor.  Fine.  But again she just kept rolling and moving around.  So I put her in her bed, squeezed in next to her, and she fell asleep.  Or so I thought.  I carefully pulled myself up to go back to my bed, and she raised her head and with a concerned look said, “Mama 코코.”  So from 4:30-6am I slept scrunched up in her bed and when I woke up I could hardly move.

Night 3:  Tom offered to try.  I went to hide in my car thinking it would be easier for all three of us if I wasn’t present.  Tom texted updates.  She apparently got up about a dozen times and then finally fell asleep.  It took 25 minutes.

Night 4 (tonight):  HALP!  Sadly Tom was planning to stay out late.  I tried for 30 minutes to put her to bed.  Every time I left she would cry and get up and try to open the door.  She kept asking for “really really last one” song.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  Tom unexpectedly came home earlier than expected.  He took over.  5 minutes and she was asleep.

Moral of the story:  Tom can do bedtime every night from now on.  😀