Daily Archives: January 29, 2018

The hundred moons and the baby dinosaur

For a few weeks this was Maia’s favorite book.  It is an origin story of the moon.

Once upon a time there were a hundred moons and a baby dinosaur that loved to eat.  The dinosaur thought the moons looked delicious so he snuck away from his mommy while she slept and ate them up one by one.2018-01-29 dinosaur moon 1

The mommy dinosaur wondered what happened to the moons.  The baby dinosaur had a tummy ache and confessed that he ate them.  The mommy nursed and cared for the baby and he felt a little better.  A few days later he pooped out a moon poop and felt much better.  The hundred moons had become one! 2018-01-29 dinosaur moon 2

Baby dinosaur decided it was better to enjoy viewing the moon than to eat it.  At any rate, the moon floated far into the sky where no one could reach it.