Daily Archives: March 7, 2018

Maia turns 2.5

Maiabeanbean is two and a half today!  She is super chatty in both Korean and English.  She sings totally out of tune, like dada.  She likes to point out pink clouds at sunrise and sunset and also the moon at night.  She knows her planets but calls Mars, “Red.” Sometimes she runs around the house with her arms behind her while saying, “Shoooom!  비행기!”  She still refers to herself as “baby.”  2018-02-10 swing 3

Her stitches came out 5 days ago.  The doctor says to protect the area from the sun with sunblock and hats to minimize scarring.  We went to the playground two days after the stitches came out and she went on the bridge without any hesitation.

Tom got a Google Play and some fancy color-changing lightbulbs.