Swimming and some other updates

Maia and Tom have been going to Aquatech Swim for the Tadpoles parent-child class every Saturday for the last few months, while I have work.  Since I recently stopped working on Saturdays, I was able to join them and see what it’s all about!

2017-05-20 swim 12017-05-20 swim 2

2017-05-20 swim 32017-05-20 swim 7


Here is an update on our little garden:  The sage plant (bottom of the photo) is not doing well.  It has powdery mildew.  I think it is too shaded and we had a period of heavy rain right after planting so that didn’t help.  It might have to go.  The chard, on the right, is doing great, and we used some for cooking.  The zucchini on the left seems to be all right — there are a lot of leaves but I’m not sure if we have any actual zukes yet.

2017-05-19 garden update 1

It’s cool to see the vines of the long bean plant curling around the bamboo stakes.  We fed some of the lettuce (left, behind the bean plants) to the cows and sheep and goats at Little Farm last weekend.

2017-05-19 garden update 2

<3 Here is my cute beanbean napping on my bed for the first time in a long while.

2017-05-25 nap in bed 1

And here we are acting silly with our awesome hats.2017-05-22 hat 3

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