More of Maia’s favorite pastime (jumping)

Maia likes to stand on furniture, stick her toes over the edge, and say, “jump!” but until now she hadn’t jumped down from anything higher than a stairstep.  She was standing on the bench/coffee table yesterday when Tom told her, “ok, go ahead, you can jump!”

She is counting in Korean, so cute!  She can count in English to twenty, but she tends to skip nineteen.  When reciting her ABC’s she often skips I, O, and U.  The end of the alphabet is the cutest: “double-doo, ek, why-oo, zeee!”

Another Maia-ism is that when she stands on something, she will say, “baby top!”  She says this, too, when she puts one object on top of something else; like if she puts a teddy bear on a table, she might say, “bear top!”

Her most common requests for drawings in her notebook are “baby hand!” and “big bana!”

2017-06-22 notebook baby hand

2017-06-22 notebook big bana

I’ve been drawing my banas with spots, so she puts spots on her attempts, too.

2017-06-22 notebook baby bana

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