Crater Lake

Tom and I had our first ever trip together without the Beanbean at the end of July.  We visited Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, while my parents watched Maia for 3 days/2 nights.  We are extremely grateful.

We took a little detour to Burney Falls on our drive north.

2017-07-29 burney falls pixel 1 2017-07-29 burney falls 1

After we reached Crater Lake, we staked out a spot at Cloudcap Overlook for our first night’s sunset.

2017-07-29 cloudcap tom tripod sunset 2017-07-29 sunset crater lake 2017-07-29 cloudcap jimin tom 1

Some of the trails I was interested in hiking were still blocked by snow at this time of year!  I made Tom climb Mount Scott, the highest point in the park.  He grumbled, but I am sure he appreciated it!!

2017-07-30 mt scott summit edit

We didn’t get any photos that did justice to the butterfly migration that was occurring on the mountain.  There were probably tens of thousands of butterflies or more whizzing by, especially at the summit.  That was truly special!

I may have, in turn, grumbled about Tom asking me to join him for Milky Way photos at 2am.  He went out both nights, and I joined him for the second.  I will say that the night sky and the lake setting and the solitude were beautiful.  I especially loved catching shooting stars and just being able to see soooo many stars.

2017-07-31 milky way crater lake 2017-07-31 jimin milky way

I loved staying at Crater Lake Lodge and would totally recommend it and stay there again!  Hopefully one day we will be able to go back and take advantage of a boat tour, which we were unable to take part in on this trip.

We were lucky to have a lake view on the first night and woke to a gorgeous sunrise out our window.  The second night we had a room without a view, but Tom went downstairs at sunrise to get some photos.

2017-07-31 sunrise crater lake 2

For our second sunset we claimed some rocking chairs on the Lodge’s patio and enjoyed cocktails and dessert along with the view.

2017-07-30 sunset drinks crater lake edit 2017-07-30 sunset crater lake lodge edit

It was a short trip with a lot of time spent driving, but it was so great to have the chance to see these beautiful places; and I have a greater appreciation for the chance to make such a trip now that opportunities are hard to come by what with having a Bean.

Speaking of baby Beanie, she was super happy to see us, and jump-jump-jumped a ton and hugged Dada (and then me, too, thank goodness) and was in high spirits when we picked her up from 할머니 and 할아버지 and that was wonderful, too.

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