Family vacay in Puerto Vallarta

As I was saying, we took a family vacation over Christmas that included myself, dada, Maia, 할머니, 할아버지, and jjojji 이모.  We tried out an all-inclusive resort for the first time for any of us.

Flying with a 27 month old was a one million percent improvement over flying with a 14 month old.  Maia played with stickers for most of the time and then decided to nap.

2017-12-21 plane 1

Maia loved the resort and immediately accepted it as her new reality.  😀  We all stayed together in a 3 bedroom suite that she called “Mexico home.”  She stayed up late every night and demanded to ride the elevator at random times and asked to go visit the big big tunnel.  She went swimming in the pools every day and also checked out the beach right on the property.

2017-12-22 shark 2 2017-12-22 jjo bean 1

2017-12-25 tom maia 3 2017-12-25 tom maia 6 2017-12-25 tom maia 8 2017-12-25 halmuni maia 3

2017-12-25 tree 72017-12-22 maia halmuni gif

We all had a good time.  Maybe we will try it again in a year or two.  🙂

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