A visit to the ER

Soooo we can now claim the parenting badge for an emergency room visit!

Tom, Maia, and I were just wrapping up a trip to the playground yesterday when Maia the monkey lost her balance while sitting on a metal bar and flipped over, banging her head into the bouncy bridge below.  She cried immediately; Tom was closer and grabbed her while I called out, “Is she OK?!”  Tom: “No! She needs stitches!”

She had an inch long deep gash on her forehead.  It was gnarly.  We could see her freaking skull.  She calmed down surprisingly quickly while we ran home and wasn’t even crying after a few minutes.  I ran into the house and grabbed paper towels, gauze, bandaids, and her kit-ty-cat.  I drove to the hospital while Tom distracted Maia with videos.

When I entered the hospital after parking, Tom told me that the key to getting quick service at the ER was to run in with a baby bleeding from her head — they will take you in right away!  Once they determined that Maia was actually in good shape and just needed stitches, we were put in a room to wait for a while.  We passed the time with some singing and some drawing.
2018-02-25 stitches 2

They applied topical anaesthetic, irrigated/cleaned, and then injected lidocaine.  She got four stitches.  Maia was awesome throughout.  She was a total trooper and hardly cried.  She trusted us and the hospital workers.  YouTube videos of Pororo played a vital role, too.

2018-02-25 stitches 18

Here is my beanie baby after getting stitched up and bandaged.

2018-02-25 stitches 11

She saw her sweatshirt and exclaimed, “Shirt got paint on it!”

And that was our exciting evening.  We are extremely grateful that it wasn’t worse and so proud of how well Maia handled the whole thing.  When we got home she scarfed down some grapes and an Eggo waffle and went right back to jumping and running around.

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