Yosemite part 1

We almost didn’t make it back to Yosemite this year due to the Ferguson fire, but luckily we were able to reschedule, and it was a lovely visit with gorgeous views and weather.

The drive there was uhh less than optimal due to some carsickness from the Bean, poor baby, so our first stop was the laundromat!  Luckily that is located at Housekeeping Camp, which has some beaches, so we played in the water while waiting for our things to wash and dry.

2018-08-24 yosemite river 32018-08-24 yosemite river 112018-08-24 yosemite river 13

2018-08-24 yosemite river 14

After playing in the river we were hungry!  We ate dinner at the bar at the Ahwahnee hotel (I refuse to call it by its new name), then checked into our room at the Lodge, showered, and collapsed into bed.

Here is Beanie the next morning taking some pictures… with her binoculars…

I had wanted to go hiking to Sentinel Dome this year, but unfortunately the road to the trailhead was closed due to the firefighting activity.  So we decided to rent bikes and pedal around the valley.  It was really fun!

2018-08-25 yosemite bike 3

2018-08-25 yosemite bike 4


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