Cute cute doggie

I haven’t been taking enough photos lately, hence the lapse in blogging.

Tom’s friend got Maia this stuffed animal.  It’s a Nintendo character whose real name I think is Isabel, but Maia calls her “Cute Cute Doggie.”

2018-09-24 cute cute doggie 12018-09-24 cute cute doggie 22018-09-24 cute cute doggie 3


Maia went to visit the preschool she will be attending.  There is a girl named Maya in the class.  Tom reported that this led to much confusion when they were trying to play Duck Duck Goose.  😀

Beanie later reported to me that, “One Maia is M-A-I-A and another looks like Korean!”  Haha, which makes no sense since the other Maia/Maya is definitely not Korean.

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