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2016-07-31 kites 1Today we had a nice time at the Berkeley Kite Festival.  It is a yearly event that takes place at Cesar Chavez Park, with giant kites, food venders, kite-related activities, bouncy houses, etc.  We stuck to eating and admiring the kites.
2016-07-31 kites 3 2016-07-31 kites 5 2016-07-31 kites 4

Maia is not a cuddly bean, but lately she has occasionally come up and put her arms around me or Tom, or her head on my leg or shoulder.  <3 <3 <3  Haven’t been able to teach her how to kiss yet, though.

2016-07-31 cuddly at kites LR

Regarding our nursing saga… sigh… she won’t nurse any more so I’m pumping until I just don’t make enough.  I only have a month to go before we can switch to whole cow’s milk.  I bought a can of formula to have in case.  So, if you’re a nursing mom, please remember to savor it while you can!

2016-07-30 bottle feeding LRBaby shoes are just too cute.  Maia wore hers to Totland Park the other day.  She is quickly improving her walking skills, but she doesn’t get the concept of climbing.  We saw a crawler at the park that day, and he was able to negotiate steps, but Maiabean has never tried it and didn’t get it.

2016-07-30 totland LR

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