Pumpkin patch

We had an awesome time at the Great Peter Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous day and the farm was so picturesque.  What with travel time and naps, we only saw a fraction of what they had, but it was so fun!


Definitely the highlight was the enormous corn pit — like a pool, except filled with dried corn kernels.

2016-10-23-corn-pit-3 2016-10-23-corn-pit-10


We were some satisfied beans!  Next year we will have to try out some of the other activities they have, like the hay ride and digging for potatoes!


On the sleep front, I’m so tired…  Baby wakes around 5:30am most days, and it’s hit-or-miss if she falls back asleep — mostly miss.  Naps are becoming more difficult, too.  We might start the transition from two to one nap pretty soon.


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