Potty update and other stuff

2018-06-03 special toilet

OMGeeeeeeeeeeeee we did it.  It’s done (kinda).  Was it worth it?  I’m not sure!  I still can’t see why using the potty is better than diapers!

The first few days were *godawful* and exhausting in a way rather similar to the relentless newborn phase, but now she pretty much gets it.  I’d say we are 90% of the way there at home and at 할머니’s house, but have yet to try an unfamiliar bathroom.


Here’s pumpkin princess napping in the car, wearing one of her 6? 7? pairs of sunglasses.

2018-06-02 car nap sunglasses

And here she is wasting time before getting in the carseat — normally annoying, but I think this time it is cute:


And lastly, here are a couple of links to articles that cracked me up:

Toddler Feelings Helpline

Why Dwayne the Rock Johnson should be your doula


Ready for potty training?

This one from Alcatraz a few weeks ago seems appropriate as we gear up for potty training:

2018-05-06 alcatraz 5

I asked Maia this morning if she wanted to try the new potty seat we installed on our regular toilet.  Her reply?  Flailing, yelling, “nonononono!”, and lying down in the living room and sucking her thumb.  Ahh, good start.

2018-05-25 potty books

I’ve personally done no research beyond things I’ve incidentally heard about.  So I will be winging it, but maybe Tom will have ideas/resources.  Official start is tomorrow after nap.  😀  Send us all the good luck.


Unrelatedly, Tom and Maia went to the park to make giiiaaant bubbles this morning while I slept in.  Yay, win-win all around.

2018-05-25 morning bubbles 2

Another random postie

Maiabean calls these her “colorful pencils”:

2018-05-19 colorful pencils

Just being our cute selves:

2018-05-12 bed 3 2018-05-12 bed 2

Oh, how could I forget this most important of updates: Maia pooped in the potty earlier this week!  Haha.  At 할머니’s house.  (We don’t even have one out in our house.)  I guess it’s time to officially start this process!