October trip part 4: Seoul

This is a very late, very last post about our big trip from two months ago.

We had only a few days in Seoul before heading home.  One thing I really wanted to do on this trip was to take Maia to a Pororo theme park since Pororo was her favorite TV show.

2018-10-25 pororo park 10 2018-10-25 pororo park 2 2018-10-25 pororo park 62018-10-25 pororo park 72018-10-25 pororo park 8

The last thing we got to see before going to the airport was the aquarium in Coex mall.

2018-10-26 coex aquarium 1 2018-10-26 coex aquarium 2 2018-10-26 coex aquarium 4

Overall the trip went well.  The flight home went fairly smoothly but the jet lag the following week was totally brutal.

Soccer shots!

We just finished up our second session of soccer.  She improved a lot and enjoys the warm ups and exercises, but when they scrimmage she is a bit lost.  We will skip the winter session and see if we want to enroll again next year sometime.

2018-12-02 soccer 6 2018-12-02 soccer 12018-12-02 soccer 32018-12-02 soccer 82018-12-02 soccer 12

October trip part 3: Jejudo

My mom generously agreed to watch Beanbean in Daegu while Tom, Grace, and I went to Jejudo, a subtropical volcanic island to the south.

The island is dotted with hundreds of volcanic cones called oreum.  We visited one called Sangumburi that has gorgeous fields of silver grass and a hike to a view of the crater.

2018-10-21 sangumburi 12018-10-21 sangumburi 62018-10-21 sangumburi 14

We also went to Minsokchon, a kind of recontructed traditional Jeju folk village.  We thought it would be hokey, but it was very well done.

2018-10-21 minsokchon 2 2018-10-21 traditional game 2

Not sure what this arena is for, but Beanbean would have been all about it:2018-10-21 traditional game 3

Wishing tree:2018-10-21 wishing tree 2 2018-10-21 minsokchon 1

Pictures don’t do justice to our beautiful hike on Hallasan, the mountain that dominates Jejudo.  We chose a course that took about 5 hours, but next time I want to summit!  That would take more like 8 hours.

2018-10-22 halla 52018-10-22 halla 14 2018-10-22 halla 7 2018-10-22 halla 6 2018-10-22 halla 17 2018-10-22 halla 21 2018-10-22 halla 22

Of course, we ate lots of yummies.  Our first night we had an amazing and inexpensive barbeque feast.

2018-10-20 jeju bbq dinner 2

Jejudo is known for its tangerines.2018-10-21 orange types

Cuttlefish bread on a stick?  Don’t mind if I do.2018-10-21 cuttlefish bbang stick

Tom wanted 수제비, a soup with pieces of rice dough, so we found this little hole-in-the-wall one-woman-does-it-all restaurant.
2018-10-22 sujaebi 4

What are these?  2018-10-22 sujaebi 6

I’ll ask my mom.2018-10-22 sujaebi 10a

Sea squirts!  Tom almost embarrassed himself by asking the restaurateur if it was a peanut.  They were definitely weird and I won’t be seeking them out to try again…
2018-10-22 sujaebi 8

We walked along the beautiful coastline next to our lodging before heading to the airport to go back to the mainland.

2018-10-23 jeju coast 2 2018-10-23 jeju coast 4

I hope we will be back!


Cleveland Thanksgiving 2018

We returned to Cleveland for Thanksgiving this year.  It was overall much easier with a 3 year old than a 1 year old!  Thank goodness, because as lovely as all the relatives and festivities were two years ago, it was sooo tiring for me because the baby was incredibly clingy and also not sleeping very well.

This time, Maia especially enjoyed playing with her cousin Sofia.

2018-11-24 maia reads to sofia 1 2018-11-23 ice cream 2 2018-11-24 toothbrush 3

These are not the best photos, but how cool is this family tree?  Even Maia is on it!

2018-11-22 family tree 5 2018-11-22 family tree 2

I don’t have any pics from the main event, but once again there were lots of people, maybe 50 or so, and so much yummy food.

We visited the very cool Children’s Museum, and also a fun holiday event at Farmpark.

2018-11-23 childrens museum 10 2018-11-23 childrens museum 16 2018-11-23 childrens museum 4 2018-11-25 santas workshop 2 2018-11-25 farmpark playground 1 2018-11-25 pony ride 2018-11-25 farmpark sunset 2