Happy 3rd birthday!

Maiabean my baby is 3 today!  Time flies.

2018-09-01 3rd birthday party 3

She is 28 pounds (22nd %tile) and 37.5 inches (63rd %tile).  Apparently her weight percentile is down from last time and the doctor asked about her eating habits.  Tom and I agreed that she eats really well, so she must be burning off all those calories being so active!

Beanie continues to love climbing the most.  She is always saying, “Mama/Dada, let me teach you!” and explaining stuff to us.  She likes to pretend to fix objects with a screwdriver, and to fix people with her toy stethoscope.  She stalls on bedtime like crazy.  She is very good at riding her balance bike, her big gift from when she turned 2.

Most mornings (and some afternoons) she asks, “Mama can I pwease have bwooberries and cheese!?”

2018-09-07 bwooberries compilation

Her Korean is pretty fluent, and her English has more idiosyncrasies.  When answering a question in the affirmative she never says yes; but instead repeats part of the sentence.

     Me: Maia, do you want to go to gymnastics?

     Maia: Gymnastics!

She tried a scooter for the first time today at the playground:

And the next session of gymnastics began today.  At age 3, Maia is no longer in the parent participation class.  Ahh, I get to sit back with a coffee instead of chasing after her.  She doesn’t quite get that she needs to wait for her turn/wait for the coach to finish giving instructions.  But I’m sure she will after a few classes.
2018-09-07 big girl gymnastics 2

Yosemite part 2

After naptime we visited Curry Village where we had pizza for dinner and played on some enormous boulders (much to Maia’s delight).

2018-08-25 yosemite big rock 1

2018-08-25 yosemite big rock 2

Then we attended a public program at the amphitheater called Wee Wild Ones.  It turned out to be perfect for Maia.  The teacher invited all the kids up to the stage to learn about bears.  What do you do if you see a bear in the wild?  Apparently you make yourself look large and yell, “Go away, bear!  Don’t eat me!”

2018-08-25 yosemite wee wild ones 3

Tom and I sat back, laughed at the cute kids, and enjoyed a gorgeous view of half dome.

2018-08-25 half dome

The next morning we did a short hike to Bridalveil Falls before driving home.  Here Tom is obviously eating some pretend fruit that Maia has handed him.

2018-08-26 backpack hike 2

Goodbye, Yosemite, see you again next year!

2018-08-26 sunrise 1

Yosemite part 1

We almost didn’t make it back to Yosemite this year due to the Ferguson fire, but luckily we were able to reschedule, and it was a lovely visit with gorgeous views and weather.

The drive there was uhh less than optimal due to some carsickness from the Bean, poor baby, so our first stop was the laundromat!  Luckily that is located at Housekeeping Camp, which has some beaches, so we played in the water while waiting for our things to wash and dry.

2018-08-24 yosemite river 32018-08-24 yosemite river 112018-08-24 yosemite river 13

2018-08-24 yosemite river 14

After playing in the river we were hungry!  We ate dinner at the bar at the Ahwahnee hotel (I refuse to call it by its new name), then checked into our room at the Lodge, showered, and collapsed into bed.

Here is Beanie the next morning taking some pictures… with her binoculars…

I had wanted to go hiking to Sentinel Dome this year, but unfortunately the road to the trailhead was closed due to the firefighting activity.  So we decided to rent bikes and pedal around the valley.  It was really fun!

2018-08-25 yosemite bike 3

2018-08-25 yosemite bike 4